The following are people that have contributed in some way to this web site.
Probably the first contributor to this site, MMFan "donated" many PC version pictures during this site's early days.

Dr. Fred
Another early member of the community, Dr. Fred contributed ideas and images.

W.W.E.(Weird Wired Ed)
W.W.E. was the first person to visit the first message board. He also made one or two logo pictures for the site.

Dave Edsion
Yet another early member of the community, Dave (Weird-Edsel) has been consistently helpful in the past, and scanned all of the NP16 images before I had access to a scanner.

Brian Stephan
The owner of one of the first Maniac Mansion fan sites and also gave NES-related pictures.

For generously using his own server to host certain files.

The Unofficial Maniac Mansion Web Page
The best and most definitive website about the television show.

Matt Mcgrath
He once owned a great website entitled "The Maniac Mansion Database," and was kind enough to give me pictures when he shut it down.

Duke used his own web space and created the new forums for this site.

Douglas Crockford
For voluntarily assisting with the creation of the NES version of Maniac Mansion, for his informative article about the NES conversion, and for his patience in answering all of the bugging questions that we Maniacs have asked him over the years.

Chris Pepin
For his excellent and comprehensive FAQ, and for allowing me to host it.

Christophe Desmecht (aka Cappinator)
For his great walkthroughs, and for allowing me to host them.

I'd also like to thank Ron Gilbert, Gary Winnick, Aric Wilmunder, David Fox, and the rest of the original MM team for creating one of the greatest video games of all time. I'd also like to thank the companies of Lucasfilm Games/Lucasarts, Nintendo, and Jaleco. And of course, a loving thanks to all of you Maniacs (even the tuna heads) who have visited this site over the years.