Music and Sounds from Maniac Mansion

The following are MP3s of the NES music composed by George Alistair Sanger. Special thanks to Teddog for ripping the original .NSF files and ian for providing his server to host the MP3s. Thanks, guys!

The Maniac Theme - Opening Theme
The Maniac Theme Reprise - Closing Theme
The Boys Are Still Back by Fat Patty - Dave Miller's Theme
No No Never Never Well Maybe Sure OK by The Void - Razor's Theme
Comp-U-Nerd by The Rocket Scientists - Bernard's Theme
Psychedelic Brie by Metalflake - Syd's Theme
Sonatina in G Opus 47 BVW 801 - Wendy's Theme
Surf Face by the Goofy Feet - Jeff's Theme
Flashbulb Funk by Princess - Michael's Theme
Better Off Ed Than Dead - The Edison's Theme
Go See Mark - Music from the Three Guy's Who'll Publish Anything ad
Heeeeeeeere's Talk Show Host - Music from the Ending with Wink Smiley
Eddie Van Tentacle - Music from Green Tentacle's demo tape
Doo Dop Deep - Music by Syd or Razor on the Piano
Track 13 - Listed only as Track 13, this appears on the NSF, but I've never heard it used during the game. Included for curiosity's sake.

The following are fan created MIDIs:

Theme Song
Theme Song 2
Syd/Razor Piano Song (PC version)
Dave's Theme
Dave's Theme 2
Jeff's Theme
Michael's Theme
Syd's Theme
Wendy's Theme
Razor's Theme 1
Razor's Theme 2
Bernard's Theme
Edison Theme 1

Maniac Mansion MIDI Pack (11 MIDIs)

The following are random MM sounds:

Cricket clip NES version(WAV)

Music and Sounds from Day of the Tentacle

A zip file of 35 MIDIs(courtesy Highland Productions)
...and of course Dwayne's Theme.
For some great MP3 tracks, visit the LucasArts Soundtrack site.

Music and Sounds from the TV Show

Here's an MP3 of the theme song.
And over here as an MP3 of the ending music.

For anything else related to the TV series, please visit The Maniac Mansion Home Page.