LucasArts games have been known to contain numerous In-Jokes. Here are some of the injokes that can be found in Maniac Mansion.

Poster Advertisements

In the Enhanced PC version of Maniac Mansion, you will notice in the arcade room a poster for "Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders," another LucasArts game. In the Enhanced PC version of "Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders," you will notice a poster for Maniac Mansion at Lou's pawn shop.

Lucasfilm Fan

Dave's shirt on the Maniac Mansion box art reveals him to be a diehard LucasFilm Games fan.

THX 1138

If you read the license plate on the Edison's Edsel in the garage, you will find "THX 1138," the title of George Lucas's film. The number 1138 also appears in the game as a possibility of the Meteor Police's number. "THX sound" is found on Green Tentacle's speakers.

See Ron Gilbert!

If you read the poster in Green Tentacle's room, it'll say "See Ron Gilbert Live at the Forum!" Ron Gilbert was the Maniac Mansion lead, as well as the lead creator of the SCUMM engine.

Loom Sountrack?

In the NES version (only) if you read the broken record in the music room, it will say "Loom Sountrack Album." Loom is a LucasArts graphic adventure that was released in 1990, the same year as the NES Maniac Mansion. Also, if you play the record on the Victrola, it plays what I believe to be the first two seconds of the Glass City theme from Loom.

Star Wars Toy

In Weird Ed's bedroom, a Star Wars X-Wing model can be found hanging from the ceiling.

SCUMM Pennant

Also in Weird Ed's bedroom is a purple pennant. If you read it in the PC version it reads L. F. L. U. Rah! In the NES version the pennant is invisible, but still exists. If you read it in the NES version it says "SCUMM U. RAH!" SCUMM U. was the LucasArts training program for SCUMM developers.

Tastes in Art

In the PC version of Maniac Mansion, one can find a painting in the dining room and a statue in the hallway. In the LucasArts graphic adventure game "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade," these same works of art can be found by Indy in the art room of the Nazi Brunwald Castle. The writing on the statue's plaque is also identical in the two games.

Out of Gas

In the kitchen is a chainsaw. If you try to use it, you'll find out that it is out of gas. There is a can of gas on Mars in the LucasArts adventure game "Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders."

Chuck the Plant

In the library is an unusable plant called "Chuck the Plant." Chuck has made an appearance in other LucasArts games, including "Indiana Jones in the Last Crusade" at Henry's house, and in Maniac Mansion's hit sequel "Day of the Tentacle" in the mansion's lobby.

Meteor Mess a Mario Game?

When one of the kids or Dr. Fred plays the Meteor Mess arcade game in the NES version, you may notice that the first five notes of the Mario Bros. theme song is played.

Indiana Jones Radio

After fixing the radio in Fred's bedroom with the tube, the radio can be turned on. When a kid calls the Meteor Police in the NES version, the first four notes of the Indiana Jones theme is played. (WAV file: here)

Tentacles Ate My Neighbors

Though more a DOTT injoke than an MM one, fans of the LucasArts game Zombies Ate My Neighbors may recall a bonus level featuring the tentacles. The password to access this level in the SNES version is "BCDF" and for the Sega Genesis version punch in "qsdz" (Thanks to LucasFan for the pictures and Teddog and the hampster in the micro for the codes).

Maniacal Vultures

In Tim Schafer's Full Throttle, another LucasArts adventure game, some members of the "Vultures" biker gang are named after Maniac Mansion characters, namely Razor, Wendy, and Sid (okay, so in MM it's spelled Syd, but whatever).

Dr. Fred/Loboto

In Tim Schafer's Psychonauts, the villainous character Dr. Loboto shares more than a few similarities with Dr. Fred from MM. Mainly that both are mad scientists who have world domination plans involving the removal of kids' brains. Also, for you trivia buffs, he is voiced by Nick Jameson, who voiced Dr. Fred in MM sequel DOTT, which was co-lead by Schafer.