The following are Maniac Mansion related downloads.

Maniac Mansion NES ROM - There ya go. It requires an emulator such as NESticle.

Maniac Mansion NES ROM (Prototype) - Contains some things eventually cut out from the final version by order of Nintendo.

Maniac Mansion NES ROM (Spanish) - Spanish version

Maniac Mansion NES Japanese ROM - Notice the differences. Requires an emulator such as NESticle. Translating is your problem.

Maniac Mansion NES ROM Hack - A hack of the NES ROM with a Rilo Kiley theme created by hal[]. Requires an NES emulator such as NESticle.

Maniac Mansion Demo (Original Version) - The game's demo with the original graphics. Use SCUMMVM to view.

Maniac Mansion Demo (Enhanced Version) - The game's demo with the enhanced graphics.

Maniac Mansion MIDI Pack - 11 MIDIs

Day of the Tentacle MIDI Pack - 35 MIDIs

Japanese Version Pictures - A ZIP of three pictures from the NES Japanese version.

Arcade Room Comparison - Four pictures from every version to show the differences.

Mac Icons - Some fan made icons for Mac. Submitted by Pedro Gomez.

A green tentacle icon. - Yeah.

German MM fan movie - 15 minute long German fan move. It's an AVI file that requires DivX. It's also in German. Have fun.

Maniac Mansion Speed Run - Some guy beating MM in 12 minutes and 57 seconds (NES version). It's a WMV file. Yo.

Another Maniac Mansion Speed Run - An even better speedrun, this one clocking in at at 10 minutes and 58 seconds. The NES version's glitches were REALLY exploited with this one. It's a WMV file. Dude.

Maniac Mansion Icons - Some MM desktop icons from the Video Game Wallpaper Page. Word.

Michael's Theme?! - A horrifying "version" of Michael's theme by the music of jake kaufman. If you're not laughing or crying by the end of this, you are quite odd.
Note: This song contains adult content that may offend some people.

Sonic MM video - A Sonic/MM fan movie made by a known sonic fan.

DOTT Television Commercial

MM Fan Intro - And unbelievably awesome fan-made Maniac Mansion intro (hosted site here)