Maniac Mansion Full Documentation Scans

In this section you will (eventually) be able to find full scans of Maniac Mansion related documentation. The goal is to have full scans of all original docs of all versions of the game (manuals, hint books, posters, Nuke'M alarms booklet, etc.) in the near future. If you happen to have original MM docs and also have a scanner, I'd really appreciate your submitting scans to me. You will receive credit. Each doc will eventually be in the form of a PDF file, but for now you'll just have to look at jpegs.

The following is all I've put up so far:

NES Manual PC Manual Classic Adventures Manual (MM section)
Commodore 64/Apple II Manual Reference Card NES Hint Poster
PC Hint Book/Shirt Order Form Famicom Flyers PC Hint Poster
Famicom Manual

Coming eventually:

PC Hint Book
NES Hint Book
PC Manual (Budget)
PC Manual (Kixx)
Famicom Hint Book
Spanish Hint Book

Some of you may have come across different versions of the Nuke'M Alarms copy-protection booklet. Not all of them require the red decoder plastic. The original version is written in red text on a white background and requires the viewfinder. A version with black text and a dark red background that does not require a viewfinder is included in 1988 second release versions. There's a version with black text on a white background that does not require the viewfinder included with the budget release version. And finally, there's a copy without the need of a viewfinder integrated into the Classic Aventures manual.