The following are descriptions of the Maniac Mansion characters.

Dave, often considered a Tuna Head, is running for class president. You must have Dave when going into the mansion. He's the boyfriend of Sandy and the organizer of her rescue. Carefully choose your other two kids, because Dave has no talent at all!

Razor has musical talent with her own killer band, "Razor and the Scummettes." She can help Green Tentacle.

Bernard Bernouli is a total geek, but the most talented of all the kids. He loves to fix stuff and he fools around with radios. It's wise to choose him as part of your team.

Syd, like Razor, has musical talent. He would like to start his own band. In-game he's practically a copy of Razor except for his looks, which also makes him capable of helping Green Tentacle.

Wendy is a talented writer who is waiting for her first break as a novelist. She can fix up that badly written manuscript for the Meteor.

Jeff Woodie lives by the beach and answers to the name "surfer dude." The only talent he has is to fix phones, but Bernard can do that and much more. I suggest not to pick Jeff, but he is rather gnarly.

Michael F. Stoppe is an ace photographer for the college newspaper. He can earn Weird Ed's trust and friendship by developing his plans.

Sandy Pantz is a college cheerleader and Dave's girlfriend who needs to be rescued from the clutches of Dr. Fred. She's the reason your going into the mansion. She's in a few cutscenes and loves to scream in terror. Can you save her?

Green Tentacle is a pet of the Edisons. He's depressed because he wants to become a famous musician. Perhaps you can help him and make him your ally.

Wink Smiley is a talk show host. He interviews famous people.

Mark Eteer's company publishes ANYTHING! Try sending him something in the mail and see what happens.

The Meteor Police is looking for the evil purple Meteor. Try giving him a call.

Dr. Fred is the head of the Edison family. He is the husband of Nurse Edna and father of Weird Ed. He's under the control of evil Meteor and has kidnapped Sandy in an attempt to rule the teenager at a time! He's always in the lab, so his bedroom is always empty.

Nurse Edna is the wife if Dr. Fred and mother of Weird Ed. She's a retired nurse with a temper and unhealthy tendencies. She's noticed that her husband has been acting strange ever since that Meteor crashed in their front lawn twenty years ago.

Weird Ed is the son of Dr. Fred and Nurse Edna. He wears a commando uniform and has been planning a secret mission to the lab to save his father. He also adores his pet hamster.

The evil, slimy purple Meteor is controlling Dr. Fred and the cause of all the trouble. On the side, though, he's been trying to write a manuscript.

Purple Tentacle is a pet of the Edisons. He's Dr. Fred's sidekick and blocks the lab from intruders. He tries to be evil, but he's cowardly.

Dead Cousin Ted of the Edison family is Edna's cousin. He's in the mansion's shower. There's only problem with Ted...he's dead.

This is Weird Ed's hamster. He's white with purple spots, and is so cute! Razor and Syd seem to enjoy putting a creature like this in the microwave, but I wouldn't advise hurting this thing unless you want to get Weird Ed very mad.

Chuck the Plant is just a useless plant. He has appeared in many other Lucasarts games, including Day of the Tentacle and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.