Submitted by Link Go to the roon where you got an item like BROKEN BOTTLES OF KETCHUP and use the commands GET-BROKEN BOTTLES OF KETCHUP {NOTE: In order to make this code work YOU MUST STAND WHERE YOU STARTED FROM IN THAT ROOM},then that kid will automaticly walk over to where you got that item I call this code: "BLOODHOUND MODE"

Submitted by Joe Mudd: When a kid dies, move the cursor all the way to a side of the screen while your tombstone is shown and try to move. You can now walk around as a ghost.

Submitted by Link This is more of a glitch, but pretty cool! Go to the pool and stand in front of the ladder and move the arrow on the ladder. Keep on pressing A and the kid will be saying "I don't want to get wet.!" But as result your character will be standing on top of the pool. Link calls this:"Jesus Mode."

Get a kid by Edna's door, and one by Ed's door. Get each kid in. Since Ed is much faster than Edna, Ed will trap the kid in the dungeon, while leaving Edna paralized in her room. This will give the kid in Edn'a room all the time he/she wants.

(Only in the NES version) There's an alternate way to get rid of Green Tentacle. Give him the can of Pepsi, leave the room, and then return. He will be gone, and the Pepsi will reamin in your inventory.

(Only in the NES version) A bug allows you to get past Purple Tentacle and get into Fred's lab without the help of GT, Ed, or the police badge. Get you character as close as possible to PT without him running up to you. Now simply allow a cut scene to happen (if Ed never got his package, you can trigger a scene by having someone ring the doorbell). Once the cutscene has ended, PT will be frozen and you'll be free to run past him.

Ways to die:
(Works in every version except international NES carts) Get Syd or Razor to put Weird Ed's hamster in the microwave and blow it up. Give the exploded hamster to Ed and he'll kill you.
Mail the cassette tape with Syd or Razor's recording on it to Mark Eeter. Show the contract to Green Tentacle, and he will get so jealous that he'll kill you.
Push the red button at the bottom of the pool.
Leave the power off, or the pool drained too long.
Fill the glass jar with radioactive water from the pool, put it in the microwave, turn it on, open the microwave and radioactive waste will kill the kid.
Allow the time to run out at the end of the game without saving the world and the house will blow up
Get someone in the pool, and undrain it while the kid is still down there.
Go into the meteor room without the radioactive suit on.
(Only in the NES version) On the 2nd floor, on the other end of the security door, point your arrow to the left, find the keypad (it's invisible) and use it.
(Only in the PC version) Use the wrong combo in the steel security door three times.
(Only in the PC version) Get Bernard to read the warning sign in the steel security door and see how stupid he is.

Other quirks:
If you have the UK version of the NES game and try to put the hamster in the microwave using Syd or Razor, your player will say, "No way man! These things are just loaded with cholesterol!"
If you blow up the hamster and give the remains to Purple Tentacle, he'll say, "No thanks, I'm not hungry."
(Only in the NES version) You can feed the meteor to the plant! After pulling, the switch at the end of the game, grab the meteor, walk out to the garage, and send the edsel off (empty) using the yellow key. This will open the patio gate. Now you can go through the house. Hurry upstairs before the house blows up and give the meteor to the man-eating plant. GULP!
You can kill the plant by using the developer-filled sponge on it. (Thanks to Ron Gilbert himself for pointing this out!)
(Only in the NES version) You can use the can of Pepsi as an alternate to the fruit drinks to give to Green Tentacle after you feed him the bowl of wax fruit.
The NES version had the copy-protection removed for obvious reasons, but an invisible keypad remains to the left of the security door in the long hall. You can use it to the blow the house up. This bug was mentioned in a magazine around the time the NES version came out.

Memorable Quotes:
"Dr. Fred, release the women. All the women. We're going to be rich!"

"I don't do table cloths!"
-kid when asked to pick up gravy stain

"I don't care if you've reformed, you're still coming with me!"
-Meteor Police

"Ed, the Meteor needs your hamster and electric cattle prod."
-Dr. Fred

"No thanks, it makes me burp."
-Green Tentacle

"Don't forget the stamp!"
-Mark Eeter

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